Monday, September 28, 2009

i read your blogs as often as possible,i dont have a computer at home, i have to use the ones at the public library, my question is iam sure the most common, how do i breal into the biz? iam 44 years old,iam tired of being a log wage monkey, i draw all the time, have at least 3 portfolios nearly completed and about 12 sketch books completely filled. i love drawing and i think iam good enough, i recently submitted a strip to king features, it was rejected because i didnt follow the proper guidelines but i think they liked it over all because they asked me to resubmit it. i wear the rejection like a badge of honor.i cant e-mail any samples of my work but i really want to pursue a carreer in animation. i can pester friends or relatives to let me use their computers but that takes a lot of time, although if i must...please, any advice on this would be appreciated.
troy reyes


Deniseletter said...

Hi Troy
Notice: first try to buy your computer is a great aid for you!
Just collect bit a bit your money in a piggy bank but try it.
(There are computers that are non so expensive that you can assemble with different brand parts,important is a good processor and a hard disk with lot of space)
Thus by practice you will know and will aware how is in reality this communication medium, to learning how manage in it with their social frustrations ( its not easy to be popular if you are not previously famous, we are still anonymous for many)
and to be accustomed to their technical peculiarities (you'll notice the computer has its own way of thinking)

Stumbling in your blog I was very surprised to read your laboral story because is in essence like mine, I have your same age,
I was believing to be the unique to have this story and begin the resign.I see now I am not alone.

With the computer you can search for job sites like,,googling there are more,to find freelance work,your blog is a very good first webpage to show few of your example works you can scan them in a store that scans your drawings,I recall don't forget to buy a pendrive to carry them to a computer,the rest can be mailed (as you are accustomed) by request,but you need an email account so the client can contact you to send some works if you begin to sell your work online.Get in Pay Pal for sales online is the most reliable system.

Recently John K (maybe you know this already) is searching people for his animation and layout team,There he teaches the fundamentals of animation, you can do his classes drawings and send them to him, the way is putting a link to your blog in a comment,is a way to show him your skill to be hired.

After the computer try to find a little tablet and learn to use photoshop and try to understand flash,because these tools are in high demand.
I wish you Good Luck and That's all folks!

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