Monday, September 28, 2009

i read your blogs as often as possible,i dont have a computer at home, i have to use the ones at the public library, my question is iam sure the most common, how do i breal into the biz? iam 44 years old,iam tired of being a log wage monkey, i draw all the time, have at least 3 portfolios nearly completed and about 12 sketch books completely filled. i love drawing and i think iam good enough, i recently submitted a strip to king features, it was rejected because i didnt follow the proper guidelines but i think they liked it over all because they asked me to resubmit it. i wear the rejection like a badge of honor.i cant e-mail any samples of my work but i really want to pursue a carreer in animation. i can pester friends or relatives to let me use their computers but that takes a lot of time, although if i must...please, any advice on this would be appreciated.
troy reyes